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Apple OS X Lion 10.7 ist soeben erschienen

Apple OS X Lion 10.7 ist soeben erschienen

Der Löwe ist los und kann ab sofort über den Mac App Store für 23,99 Euro bezogen werden: OS X Lion. Gleichzeitig ist auch die Serverversion für 39,99 Euro erschienen: OS X Lion Server ...

Präsentation: iCloud im neuen iOS 5

Präsentation: iCloud im neuen iOS 5

Mit dem Werbeslogan "Exchange for the rest of us" versuchte Apple Inc. im Jahr 2008 einen Dienst namens MobileMe zu etablieren. Dieser bot den damaligen iPhone und iPod touch Nutzern erstmalig eine saubere Möglichkeit Kalender, Kontakte un ...

Neueste Updates im Mac App Store

Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin® BaseCamp® provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can perform the following tasks:• Transfer data to and from your Garmin device.• Create, view, edit, and organize ...

0,79 €

Coming soon

Get the latest information on upcoming movie releases on themoviedb.org.

0,79 €

Keno Simulator

** Keno Simulator **Mark 2-10 numbers, bet up to 10 credits.Keno simulator will draw and record data for over 1 million boards at blazing fast speed per run. View the live data or turn off separate displays for faster simulations.Feature ...

0,79 €

Kaiser - Die Dynastie

KAISER - DIE DYNASTIE ist ein rundenbasiertes Strategiespiel, bei dem Sie die Führung eines deutschen Fürsten übernehmen. Sie werden mit diversen Aufgaben, wie das Anlegen von Feldern, errichten vom Märkten und das Aufstellen von Armee ...

7,99 €

karaoke lyrics

See how the Lyrics flow in front of you in karaoke style This app is the perfect trainer for your next karaoke session or just to follow the lyrics of your favourite songs. See our video http://bit.ly/iim0bD or in facebook http://on.fb.me/ ...

31,99 €

Invoices – Invoicing for Humans

Invoices – Invoicing for Humans (and their Macs)Quick, painless and elegant invoicing application.Invoicing and billing your customers are not quite the most exciting things in life, whether you are running a single-person company or some ...

7,99 €

kSpectra Lite

kSpectra Lite is a scientific application for advanced time series analysis. It is a "Lite" version of fully featured kSpectra app also available in App Store. kSpectra Lite provides a set of powerful tools for analysis of univariate or mul ...

2,99 €

369 Vegas Keno

The best of 3-6-9 Way Keno, with the option to play standard Vegas Keno. Switch back and fourth between the two with the click of your mouse.  Spots and Stats are kept separate between the two games. Features Included:*Advanced Auto-Play* ...

7,99 €

Happily Ever After

Welcome to the Kingdom of Unbelievaville. One day you are a happy go lucky blogger, dealing with peoples problems; the next thing you know as you set off to find the source of some rather unusual problems your car turns into a pumpkin and y ...

11,99 €


HealthNut is your diet and fitness companion and can track calories for you.- Live Search with Fuzzy LogicHealthNut comes with thousands of built-in food items (it uses the official USDA SR23 food database which contains close to 8,000 food ...

3,99 €


Clips is a time machine for your clipboard - it remembers everything you copy/paste so you never lose a thing!- Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring When Clips is running you won't even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to s ...

5,49 €

Chambers Thesaurus

The Chambers Thesaurus is the perfect reference for writers and word game enthusiasts, while all lovers of language will find it a pleasure to browse through. There are nearly 40 000 distinct indexed words, and a total of about 400 000 syno ...



DMesh is a custom software which analyzes an image and generates triangle meshes with points automatically so that any one don't have any design background can makes creative and unique images using a reference image easily and quickly. Man ...

7,99 €

DMesh Pro

DMesh Pro is made for professional users doing video production based on DMesh. DMesh is totally free version so you can try it first before buying this Pro version.This Pro version supports sequence images' automatic import/export and dyna ...

3,99 €

Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe

Little Hopper's Math Tac Toe helps students practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills in a fun and friendly environment. Play against the computer or play head to head with a friend, parent, or tutor. Three math modes ...